Friday, September 21, 2018

The Grill


Fresh eggs made to order
Waffle bar with maple syrup, chocolate sauce, whipping cream, chocolate chips, sprinkles
Maple ham 
Pom-pom potatoes
Sausage patty
Tofu scramble with curry
Fresh fruits


Vegetable medley 
Tuna melt 
Veggie melt
Curly fries 
Pita chips and dips 


Lime and cilantro pork chops
Barley, mushroom and brown rice pilaf
Roasted autum vegetables

World Flavours

All Day

Chicken Shawarma

Mind Body Soul


Sautéed carrots with cumin and mint
Tangy beef kebab
Garlic rosemary roasted potato


Spanish style fish
Steamed broccoli with basil & chives
Vegetable fried rice
Baked tomatoes in balsamic & chili flakes



Linguini carbonara 
Linguini shrimp "carbonara"
Caesar salad 
Baked focaccia 


Tortelleni southwest
Tortelleni with Italian sausage
Tortelleni with turkey meatballs and pesto
Garlic parmesan ciabatta 

Made to order

All Day

Nacho day
Corn chips
Beef, chicken and tofu
Salsa, sour cream and guacamole

Overnight Bistro

Late night

Fresh omelettes made to order
Fresh eggs made to order
Made to order pasta
Made to order nachos
Pepperoni pizza
Veggie deluxe pizza
Personalized pizzas
Burger bar
Beef patty
Chicken patty
Veggie patty
Sandwich of the day
Chef's special


All Day

Sweet potato burgers
"Sausage" and rice skillet
Buffalo "chicken" bites
French fries
Kale and apple slaw with mint and garlic dressing