Get to know your campus and the city of Ottawa

For many of us, it took a couple of years to gain the firsthand knowledge and advice you will find here. After talking with students who sometimes looked for a room for a long time in the wrong building, here are the shortcuts, insider tips, freebies, and must-know information that will help you as a uOttawa student.

Two fitness centres and a pool

As a student at uOttawa, you have access to two fitness centres, an olympic-size pool, squash courts and group fitness activities. Cancel your gym membership off-campus and benefit from one already included in your tuition! You’re welcome.

The fitness centre and installations are located in Montpetit Hall and the Minto Sports Complex.

An ID card you WANT to show off

We all know the struggle. you show up in your best attire and your hair is done right, but the photo on your ID Card isn’t what you were expecting… Get a card you’ll be happy to show off and use by taking your own photo and ordering your uOttawa Card online. BONUS: Ordering your card online will save you time in line when you go collect your card.

Muggy Mondays

Nothing beats a case of the Mondays like coffee, especially when it’s free! Bring your reusable mug or travel mug to the second floor of FSS from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Mondays to receive a free cup of coffee.

The Free Store

Why spend money when you can get it for free? Pick up what you need and drop off what you don’t at the Free Store. A great solution for those who are moving.

The Free Store is a great way to recycle and reuse. You might be surprised by what you could find.

Walk-In Clinic

Pro tip: To avoid waiting hours in the walk-in clinic, check the approximate wait time online or register for a family doctor and make an appointment right on campus.

5 ways to get a textbook

For all tastes and budgets. You can purchase one new, purchase one used, an e-version, or rent a new or used version.

One more tip: purchase or rent your textbook with your uOttawa Card and use the express line at the Campus Store. You won’t regret it.

The Green Wall

Did you know that the Green Wall located in the Faculty of Social Sciences building is the largest living wall. Not only does this green wall help filter air in the building, it’s the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram photo.

Foot Patrol

It’s better to have a friend! The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) provides a free accompaniment service to students who do not want to walk home alone after a late night class. These volunteers will walk up to 45 minutes to assure that you feel save headed home. They’ll also take the bus with you if needed.

The Canadian Winter

Did you know that Ottawa is the 7th coldest capital in the world? It’s essential to know the indoor walkways that connect multiple buildings on campus. Located on the second floor of most buildings and marked by yellow and blue arrows, these indoor walk ways are the key to staying warm in the Canadian winter.

Public transit can be reliable but…

Trying not hit snooze for that 8:30 am class is a struggle! Word of advice, if you live walking distance from campus (Sandy Hill), avoid taking OC Transpo busses that will most definitely be filled up with passengers by the time it comes around to campus (i.e. #16 in Sandy Hill). To avoid being late, walk!

No Uber in Gatineau

Did you know that you can take an Uber from Ottawa to Gatineau but not from Gatineau to Ottawa? Be sure to have another means of transportation if you plan on heading over to Gatineau.

Building Names

Don’t know your DMS from your TBT? The CRX got you confused? You’re thinking MNT but end up in MRT? The best way to learn to speak like a second year student is to check out this map.

Friday, August 17, 2018