People to meet, places to go

Have you been excited about meeting new people at university but unsure about where to start?  Don’t stress! Everyone goes through this. That’s why we’re giving you the go-to tips on how to take advantage of the first few weeks of university to meet the most people.

Ready, set… go!

Welcome Week: When everyone is in the same boat

Welcome Week is THE week for being social and having fun. Everyone is in the same boat: looking for new friends. The more events you go to, the easier it is to recognize people and start a conversation.


From Canada’s trophy sport (hockey) to the sport that seems to be every high school protagonist’s fear in sitcoms (dodgeball), uOttawa has a bunch of different intramurals to join.

Like they say…Keep your enemies close, but your intramural opponents closer.

Be quick to sign up! Some sports are filled in 24 hours.

What happens in rez, stays in rez… except for your friends!

They can last you a lifetime. Not bad, right?

A few tips if you’ll be living in residence:

  • Get a doorstopper and leave your bedroom door open. That way, when people from your floor walk by, they can peak in and say hi.
  • Move in early and participate in a bunch of activities, organized for the sole purpose of making you meet people.

Board game night

Dodgeball tournament

Coffeehouse and talent show

You have until August 18, 2018 to request to move in early.

  • Actually go to your floor meetings. (Plus you get very important information)
  • Hang out in your common room.

Dining Hall

The first few days of going down there can be intimidating when you don’t know anyone. Ask residence floormates to go to the Dining Hall with you. Most people would appreciate the knock on the door and the invite.

Join a club

You have probably heard this advice a million times, but uOttawa actually has an insane amount of clubs that suits any interest. Watch out for club day during the first week of school.

Go to school events

There is so much to do: uOShow, Panda Game, Snow Festival… Get to know the uOttawa traditions and don’t stay at home when they happen. Follow @uOCampus to stay in the loop and know when the next event is coming.

Studying can be a social interaction too

Everyone has to do it, so why not make it a social interaction. Bonus for you if you’re an interpersonal learner!

Ask people in your class if they want to study together. Or, if you are alone and don’t mind a bit a background noise, go study in the many cafes and restaurants offered on campus like Café Alt, 1848, CRX, student lounges, etc. You never know who will sit down next to you!


Give a little, get a lot. The Michaëlle-Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement has a bunch of options. No matter your interests, there’s a placement for you.

And obviously… social media

Was his name Chad or Brad? Can’t remember the hundreds of names you’re going to hear during Welcome Week or the people you’ll meet? Add them on social media so they’re quick to DM if you want to go to the Dining Hall or attend an event with them.

Friday, August 17, 2018