Food Services

 University of Ottawa Food Services' main objective is to fulfill its mandate by providing healthy food options at fair and competitive prices. Our commitment to the environment and our clients' wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us.

Students and off-campus visitors can count on a truly satisfying dining experience on the University of Ottawa campus.


Love Food Not Waste

In a zero waste dining hall, the only thing left over is compostable food waste and napkins. To be as sustainable and efficient as possible, we want to reduce this waste too! Although it doesn't go into landfills, there are significant resources invested into every pound of food from the water and fertilizers used to grow it, to transportation and the labour that goes into preparing it.

University of Ottawa's Food Services is proud to be able to contribute to building a more sustainable campus by adopting a new dining model. We hope you appreciate your new  dining experience at uOttawa! 

Care Packages

Première Moisson is focused on producing healthful products made from fresh, natural ingredients. 

The University of Ottawa's Food Services is happy to collaborate with them and give you the opportunity to offer Care Packages to your loved ones living or working on campus; whether it is their birthday or any other reason to show you are there for them. 

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