Get engaged in the community

Living in residence is not only having a roof over a head, four walls around you, and a bed to sleep in. The most important part of your journey with us is not related to what building you live in, but the life-changing experiences you’ll go through along the way!

What you make of your stay in rez is up to you, but joining one of the six Living Learning Communities (LLC) will help you reach your full potential.

Hold on one second. You’re probably wondering what a LLC is?

Good question. We probably should have started with that. Our bad.

A LLC is a dedicated space in residence where residents are grouped according to their interest in a particular area. Programming for LLCs focuses on these areas of interest, and offers enhanced opportunities for connection and development beyond the classroom.

The first thing to do is find something you love. Being passionate about what you are doing is the first step to becoming one of the heroes of social action. The University of Ottawa Housing Service offers six LLCs, divided by themes, from Health & Wellness, to Environment & Sustainability, to Justice & Politics. There is something for you here, no matter what subject you are studying or where your interests lie.

Interested? Here’s what’s in store for you.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – Henderson Residence

  • Get support from upper year academic mentors.
  • Participate in specialized study groups and workshops on study skills.
  • Learn about internships and career opportunities.
  • Interact with professors outside the classroom.
  • This LLC is offered in partnership with the SASS Mentoring Centers.

Cross-cultural Community – Marchand Residence

  • Get to know students from around the world.
  • Develop invaluable intercultural communication skills.
  • Participate in workshops and socio-cultural activities and hear great guest speakers.
  • This LLC is offered in partnership with the International Office.

Social Justice & Politics – Friel Residence

  • Be an advocate for change and equality.
  • Promote a positive change in the greater Ottawa community.
  • Increase public awareness of critical social issues, promote human rights among marginalized groups and encourage the government to enact positive policy change through community engagement initiatives.
  • This LLC is offered in partnership with the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement.
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