The top 5 food places to try when you arrive on campus

Option #1: Find your quick lunch fix at CRX.

With a full-service Tim Hortons, a Thai Express and Paramount Fine Foods, you’re guaranteed to be able to pick up a fast lunch option. If you aren’t in a rush to get to class, relax or read up at one of the 400 + seats available in this retail space located in the Learning Crossroads (CRX).

Fresh tray of croissants

Option #2: Fresh Bread, Specialty drinks and the best Pho Bowls on Campus are at Première Moisson.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth or love to have freshly made goods, Première Moisson will definitely be your go to for a pick-me-up! Set up your stuff to study or meet up with a friend nearby at the Green Wall just steps away from this little bakery in the Faculty of Social Sciences building (FSS).




Option #3: Fall in love with French fries at Le Bac à Frites.

We could easily eat these French fries every day of the week, but there are a ton of other options to dip or drizzle in ketchup. Hamburgers, Pogos, sausages and more are calling your name at Le Bac à Frites, located on University Private, between 90U and Simard Hall.

Bol de salade


Option #4: Chipotle who? Quesada is your new burrito bae.

Located in the SITE food court, you and your wallet will definitely catch feelings for these burritos and burrito bowls from Quesada.



Personal pizza and drink

Option #5: ALL NIGHTER LONG. Get study fuel at the new Overnight Bistro station in the 24/7 Dining Hall.

Whether you’re cramming for that exam or looking at a long night of writing papers, choose from a made to order chef’s menu.

Vendredi, 17 août, 2018